An Interdisciplinary Research and Training center for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Economics and Data Science

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What Make Us Spcecial?

Who We Are?

AiHawks is envisioned as a premier Training and R&D institute about Artificial Intelligence centered around Machine Learning, Economics and Data Science.

Why We Are?

The 21st century brought about a revolution by introducing digitized and data centric applications. Data is the core and crucial component of almost every business nowdays, Big Data , Machine Learning , Deep Learning and Data Science are the buzzwords but powerful tools to get insights of the data. Team AiHawks aim to harness the data-driven economy to strengthen the economic lifeline of Pakistan.

How We Are?

At AiHawks Training division, we aim to train and bulid a workforce to cope up the fast growing technological trends in Machine Learning and Data Science, Economics and Machine Learning.
The objective of AiHawks R & D Division is to carry out interdisciplinary research & development activities including, but not limited to, Machine Learning, Econometrics and Data Science.

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