About Us

Why Choose Us

AiHawks is envisioned as a premier Training and R&D institute about Artificial Intelligence centered around Machine Learning, Economics and Data Science.

Who We Are

AiHawks is a top training and research institute for Artificial Intelligence. We specialize in Machine Learning, Economics, and Data Science to advance knowledge in this field. With cutting-edge facilities, experienced faculty and innovative curriculum, our students gain the skills and understanding for success in AI careers. Our mission is to produce professionals, researchers, and innovators

Why We Are

The 21st century brought about a revolution by introducing digitized and data centric applications. Data is the core and crucial component of almost every business nowdays, Big Data , Machine Learning , Deep Learning and Data Science are the buzzwords but powerful tools to get insights of the data. Team AiHawks aim to harness the data-driven economy to strengthen the economic lifeline of Pakistan.

How We Are

At AiHawks Training division, we aim to train and bulid a workforce to cope up the fast growing technological trends in Machine Learning and Data Science, Economics and Machine Learning. The objective of AiHawks R & D Division is to carry out interdisciplinary research & development activities including, but not limited to, Machine Learning, Econometrics and Data Science.