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Well Lets Start With Its Definition. Linux Is Just Another Operating System Like Windows. Linux Kernel Was Released In 1991 And Was Developed By Linus Torvalds. He Made Kernel Open Source Later On Many Software Developers Used That Kernel And Developed Their Own Linux. Now We Have 1000+ Distros Using Linux Kernel.

History Of Linux:

Birth Of Unix: Unix Was Born On 1969. And It Was First Ever Multi-User Operating System That Was Capable Of Performing More Than One Task At A Time. Unix Was Accepted And Was Used As Server By Many Organizations. Unix Was Paid But Free Versions Also Came Later On.

Rise Of Minix: Minix Was Created By Andrew In 1987. He Made It For Technical Notebook For His Notebook. Minix Was Paid OS First But Later On It Became Open Source And Free. Minix Was Micro Kernel OS With Few Functions.

Miracle In University Of Helsinki: Linus Was Student In University. He Wanted To Develop Something Like Unix. But Unix Wasnt Free Nor Open Source That Time. So He Picked Up Minix And Developed Linux Kernel And Linux Became One Of Best OS Out There. He Made It Free So Anyone Could Claim It.

Benefits Of Learning Linux:

Well There Alot Of Benefits Of Learning Linux And Using It. Lemme Tell You Few Benefit So You Will Leave Windows And Choose Linux.

Customization: In Windows There Are Not Alot Of Options For Customization Your OS. In Linux Everything Is Yours. Customize And Use As You See Fit. No One Will Judge You. People Made Customized Linux Out There. Go Ahead And Create Your Own.

Community Support: Linux Community Support Is Alot Better. People Are Friendly And If You Face Any Issues With Your OS. People Will Help And Guide You. Its User Friendly Support Attract People.

Learning Never Stops: You Always Learn New Stuff When You Start Using Linux. Everyday You’ll Learn Something New. And Also Linux Has 1000+ Distros So You Will Never Be Bored.

Servers Use Linux: All Servers In World They Mostly Use Linux. So By Learning Linux You Can Deploy Your Own Server Also Server Administration Is Highly Paid Job.

High Paid Jobs: As Linux Is Used In Many Technologies Like IOT , SERVERS, SATELLITES , TESLA MOTORS , NASA , ANDROID. By Learning Linux You Can Get High Paid Job. So What Are You Waiting For!!!

This Is Linux Administration Playlist By kencypher:

That Was Linux Introduction In Part 2 We Will Learn How To Download And Install Linux.

Till Then Have Good Day 🙂

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