Course Overview

Cyber Security for kids


Day 1: Cyber Security Adventures Begin!
● Introduction to Cyber Security: Let’s be Internet Heroes!
○ Learn why Cyber Security is like being a superhero online.
○ Discover how we can keep ourselves and others safe in the
digital world.
Day 2: Unraveling the Internet Mysteries
● TheCool Secrets of the Internet: How It All Works!
○ Explore the magic behind websites, emails, and more.
○ Understand how information travels through invisible lines.
Day 3: Online Safety Quest
● Guardians of the Internet: Keeping Safe Online!
○ Learn how to spot friendly websites and avoid the tricksters.
○ Discover the superpowers of staying private and kind online.
Day 4: Digital Explorers- Linux Adventure
● Exploring Cyber Land with Linux: An Exciting Start!
○ Setsail on the Linux ship and learn the basic commands.
○ Find out how computer languages work and can help us
Day 5: Password Power Unleashed
● Creating Super Strong Secret Codes: Password Magic!
○ Unleash your creativity to make the strongest, sneakiest
○ Learn why these secret codes are important for protecting your
Day 6: Defending Against Sneaky Online Creatures
● Defeating the Online Monsters: Viruses and Malware Fight!
○ Gearupto fight invisible monsters like viruses and malware.
○ Discover the power of antivirus tools to keep your digital world
Day 7: Code Quest with Python Heroes
● Coding Adventures with Python: Journey into Cyber Space!
○ MeetPython, the friendly coding language, and write your first
○ Discover how to make your computer do awesome things.
Day 8: Phishing Detectives on Duty
● ThePhishing Mystery: Become a Clever Detective!
○ Unmasksneaky messages trying to trick you and your friends.
○ Learn how to spot clues and keep your treasures safe.
Day 9: Web Secrets Unveiled
● WebWizards: Discovering Secrets of Websites!
○ Putonyour detective hat and explore the hidden world of
○ Learn how websites tell their stories and gather clues.
Day 10: Secret Codes and Hidden Messages: A Kid’s Guide to
● Unlocking the Mystery of Secret Codes: Introduction to Encryption
○ Imagine sending secret messages only your friends can read!
○ Learn how encryption turns messages into puzzles for spies
and heroes.
Day 11: Cyber Challenge Showdown: A Friendly Competition for
Young Cyber Guardians
● Welcome to the Cyber Arena: Let the Challenge Begin!
○ Gather your cyber armor and meet your fellow competitors.
○ Learn about the exciting challenges that await you.
Day 12: Wrapping Up and Guiding Future Cyber Heroes
● Reflecting on Our Journey:
○ Review the highlights of our cyber adventure together.
○ Share your favorite moments and lessons learned.