Course Overview

Wifi Hacking 101


Day 1: Introduction to Wi-Fi with Brief History Explore the evolution of
Wi-Fi technology and its impact on modern communication.
Day 2: Understanding Different Wi-Fi Standards, Components, and
Technologies Delve into Wi-Fi standards, components, and emerging
technologies shaping wireless networks.
Day 3: Understanding Different Wireless Security Standards and
Protocols Uncover the intricacies of wireless security protocols, from
vulnerabilities to encryption strengths.
Day 4: Gathering Information About Wi-Fi and Its Security Standards
Learn ethical reconnaissance techniques to assess Wi-Fi network
Day 5: Lab Setup for Wi-Fi Hacking Create a secure environment for
hands-on exploration of Wi-Fi security principles.
Day 6: Cracking Wi-Fi Password Using Different Tools and Techniques
Gain insights into ethical cracking techniques, exploring dictionary and
brute force attacks.
Day 7: Performing Evil Twin Attacks to Hack Wi-Fi Networks
Understand and replicate evil twin attacks to comprehend their impact on
network security.
Day 8: Hacking Wi-Fi Using Phishing Attacks Study Wi-Fi phishing
methods and countermeasures against social engineering tactics.
Day 9: Jamming an Entire Wi-Fi Network Examine the concept of Wi-Fi
jamming, its effects, and the ethical considerations involved.
Day 10: Hardware for Wi-Fi Hacking and Wi-Fi Slax Discover specialized
hardware and Wi-Fi Slax for responsible penetration testing.
Day 11: Understanding and Implementing Security Protocols Learn
about implementing EAP and RADIUS protocols to bolster network
Day 12: Understanding Prevention from These Attacks by Setting Up
Security on Router Conclude by developing preventive measures,
enhancing router security, and safeguarding networks.

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