Course Overview

The Ultimate Wordpress Web Development Course


  The Ultimate WordPress Website Development Course Outline




  • Welcome to the ultimate WordPress course! This course is designed to teach you all the basics and fundamental concepts of WordPress, and how to build a fully functional blogging site and business website from scratch.
  • We will start by exploring the WordPress interface and its various components and then delve into the essential features of building a blogging site. You will learn how to install and setup WordPress on localhost, create and manage content, and optimize your site for search engines.
  • Next, we will move on to building a business website using WordPress. You will learn how to choose and customize a theme, create pages, menus, and sidebars, and integrate essential business features such as contact forms and social media.
  • In addition, we will explore the domain and hosting setup process. You will learn how to choose the right domain and hosting provider, how to set up your domain and hosting, and how to migrate your site from one hosting provider to another.
  • Join us today and take your WordPress skills to the next level!


Getting Started with WordPress


  • You don’t need to know anything about WordPress.
  • We will teach you everything STEP by STEP.
  • Basic knowledge of Computer will be helpful.
  • All tools which we are using are FREE.

DAY # 01

Introduction to WordPress  (Installing WordPress)

Installing WordPress on Local Server

Logging Into the WordPress Admin & General Site Settings

Logging Into the WordPress Admin

General WordPress Settings Editing Your Profile

Setting Your Profile Picture

What are Permalinks?

DAY # 02

Understanding the WordPress Dashboard Panel (Complete WordPress Dashboard Overview)

Installing Themes

What Are WordPress Themes?

Where Do I Get WordPress Themes?

Installing & Activating a Theme

Manually Uploading & Activating a Theme Deleting a Theme

DAY # 03

Customization of Theme Appearance

  • Customizing Appearance
  • Customizing the Site Identity (Logo, Title, & Tagline)
  • Adding a Site Icon (Favicon)
  • Customizing the Header & Footer
  • Customizing Colors
  • Premium & Free Themes

DAY # 04

WordPress Plugins: About, Installing, & Updating

  • What are plugins
  • About WordPress Plugins
  • Installing a WordPress Plugin
  • Updating Plugins
  • Some Basic Plugins Installation

                                                            Assignment # 01

                        Search out at least 10 basic plugins  and their Function

DAY # 05

   Understanding Advanced Plugins

  • What is Elementor
  • Understanding all parameters of Elementor
  • Customizing Theme with Elementor

DAY # 06

       QUIZ OF Concepts

DAY # 07

      Understanding Advanced Plugins

  • Contact form 7 installation and integration
  • WP Mail SMTP Configuration

DAY # 08

Understanding Advanced Plugins

  • What is WOO commerce?
  • Installing Woo commerce plugin
  • Adding Products
  • Payment Gateways
  • What is Product X Plugin?
  • Using Product X

DAY # 09

Understanding Advanced Plugins

  • What Is Premium Add-on?
  • Installing Premium Add-on.
  • Understanding Premium Add-on.

                                                                 Assignment # 02

    Create a Website which uses these all plugins and Add search how to add YouTube videos into website using Plugin. Find out the best plugin and Create your DEMO YouTube channel and upload   any 5 to 10 videos and show them on website.

Day # 10

Understanding Advanced Plugins

  • What Is Google Site Kit?
  • What is Google search Console?
  • Understanding Google search console Dashboard.
  • What is Meta Tag Manager?
  • Setting Up google Search console.

DAY # 11

Assignment Checking + Discussion on errors+ Solving Errors+ Reminding Old Concepts

DAY # 11

 Understanding Advanced Plugins

  • What is WP Hide Login Plugin?
  • What is Limit Login Attempt Plugin?
  • Adding Users and Understanding Roles of users.

DAY # 12

  • What is Hosting and Domain system?
  • Best Platforms for Purchasing Hosting and Domains?
  • What are Business Emails?
  • What are Sub Domains?
  • Creating Subdomains.


 ( SEO )

DAY  # 13


  • What is ON-Page SEO?
  • What is OFF-Page SEO?
  • What is Image SEO?
  • What is Content SEO?
  • What are basic Plugins for SEO?

DAY # 14


  • What are BACKLINKS?
  • How to add backlinks?
  • What are internal links?
  • Adding Backlinks.

DAY # 15


 SEO Optimization websites

       ( FIVER )

DAY # 16


  • What is Fiver?
  • Creating Fiver Profile and GIG.
  • Optimizing Fiver Profile.
  • Some Essential Skills for Fiver.

DAY # 17


DAY # 18

     Working on Project

DAY # 19


DAY # 20


————————————————GOOD LUCK FOR FUTURE———————————————–